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I would respond publicly without hesitation. I usually attach an article or reference along with a personal "let me know if you'd like more info on the subject!" Facebook is a wonderful outlet & the more of us that speak out about ALL of the above mentioned subjects, the better off we'll all be. Yes, we're in the minority - but let's be open about how we feel (& why). Those that don't feel like we do certainly aren't conscious about how we might respond to their more...
I loved my Ergo and used it for a long time with my second child (needed my hands free much more than with the first!).  I tried lots of carriers - I had lots of back issues due to my two close pregnancies - and found the Ergo to be the most back-friendly.  I was also on a tight budget, so I got mine off of craigslist.  You'll have to watch closely, as they go quickly!  Good luck!
Why Homeschool?  We've nearly survived our first year of regression through public education kindergarten.  We have 2 more children that will be coming up through the education system, and don't want them to spend even a year going through what my firstborn has.  Homeschooling is now our first choice & we can't wait to get started!
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