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@HappyHomestead, It is exciting! I had been thinking of joining a due date club ever since we found out back in early November, but none that I found really called out to me... (Other "baby/parenting" websites seemed to just regurgitate mainstream media ideals and I really wanted to try to avoid that...) and then a friend told me about this website (LOVE IT!) and I saw the photo for the July 2013 club (gorgeous!), I just had to join! lol it called out to me! ..though I...
This is our first baby, too! 16weeks6days here and LOVING second trimester!! The first 14 weeks, really, were so tough I'm SO happy to get my appetite - and even some of my energy - back! I've been lucky to have such a patient and supportive husband, I am so blessed.  I've enjoyed reading a lot of the posts on this thread, it's been nice to see I'm not the only one trying not to stress over things! I'm glad I decided to join! Thank you!  
ADuvallMama EDD: July 9th, 2013 Gender: It's a Surprise!
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