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That's awesome pattimomma! I can appreciate an easy breastfeeding relationship. Unfortunately, I'm having some struggles with this little guy, but the silver lining is I have an IBCLC coming over tomorrow to help me troubleshoot and hopefully get some answers! 
I'll go first :)    1. My little guy just turned 4 weeks old yesterday and SMILED at me today! (and not the milk-drunk, almost asleep smile -- a REAL smile!) Awesome!    2. And I just found my 2yr5m DD sitting on the potty by herself today. Maybe she'll really PT soon! :)
Hello Mamas,   I've noticed the boards have been pretty quiet around here, and rightfully so -- we all have newborns! I don't know about you, but the round the clock feedings (no sleep!) and trying to care for the rest of my brood leave me pretty exhausted. Returning to 'normal life' will never look the same again ... because of our new additions.   So I want to take time to be grateful each day for the little victories in this 'new normal' that I'm trying to...
AKashicMom - congrats! Question on the ULT/TT revision -- did you have it lasered? How is it going so far?
teamsalem -- thanks so much for recommending Bravado -- I'm in love with the one I just got on Amazon -- Yay! PS have you had your baby yet??
Oh I feel ya teamsalem! All of mine have also been accompanied with intense back labor and ended up being posterior. This time around, I opted to not have a waterbirth and felt kind of like a fish out of water initially because I didn't know where to labor. However I finally found my groove when I instinctively leaned over my bathroom counter for most of active labor. My DH and midwife alternated putting pressure/massaging my lower back and it felt so much better! And the...
I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans today at 9 days PP. Woo hoo!! :)
I'm looking for new bras and would love to hear your faves. I've been living in the Target brand nursing camis/tanks but need to find some comfy, everyday bras. Thx!
Btw -- it hurt A LOT when I had them stripped. My midwife asked if I REALLY wanted to have this baby today ... So she was more aggressive.
Congrats holliet!! Yes pink3mama - I had my membranes stripped with my 2nd. I was 41w1d and 4cm and 90% at the time. After they were stripped, I had my baby in my arms in less than 4 hrs. my labor started within 30 min. Hope it works for you -- and soon!
New Posts  All Forums: