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It can, i used a very diluted amount mixed in with some lotion/other oil and it seemed to clear everything up on everybody. I'm still weirded out by how we all got it but bugs are bugs, I suppose, and the area we lived in has a LOT of bugs of all kinds.
So, it seems my household has become infected with mites resulting in a family case of scabies. Not sure how we were exposed but everyone's gotten the rash, etc.. I've been trying to find natural remedies that are safe for my 15 week old. I've found Neem oil, Tea Tree oil, and Clove oil are supposed to be effective treatments for the skin, but not much on whether it's safe for the baby. I realize Clove Oil is used in natural teething gels, so I think I'm okay with that...
Does anyone have any experience with Atopic Dermatitis/Baby Eczema? This is my third baby and it seems like he's inherited a bunch of sensitivities, among which is this skin condition. I had eczema pretty bad as a kid and still get it seasonally as an adult (31). My questions is, does anyone know of any natural remedies I can use for my two month old? I would prefer to stay away from steroids and such if at all possible but it has started spreading.
Congrats BlueLotus! GraysMama, I am so glad you can relax a bit now. Like my stepmom told me, birthing is not just a natural process but a protective one; I you're stressing your body is going to try and keep that baby in to protect it. Hopefully all bodies involved know everything is a-okay for departure now!
              Tank you everyone for the congratulations and empathy. My support system ended up not being able to be down here with us at all so all the encouragement from you ladies has meant the world to me!
At 12:27AM our little boy finally made it into the world. 7lb 13oz, 20" long. Induction/delivery did not go like how my OB and I had discussed previously and his stand in at the hospital was anything but gentle when it came time to push our little man out. I was practically held down upside down to push and she made me scream, neither of my other deliveries were that painful. All said and done, my little boy is out and adorable ad healthy, if I do say so myself. My blood...
  Thank you, ladies! I've been hoping to labor to start desperately all day but so far no luck. My husband just got home running on 2 hrs of sleep, and is still working on stuff for work, so his "help" with things is probably not happening tonight as hoped. Whatever happens will happen and, like you said, we're doing what we hope is best for the baby and I. Thank you for all good thoughts and vibes! Will post again with news of baby. :-)
Had my OB appt today. He already had me slotted for induction tomorrow morning. The last couple days 'be been having heart issues despite brig on my medication so between the doc, my husband and I we all agree it's time with everything considered. We stripped membranes today Andrade done a good amount of excercising, walking, etc. with more things to do once hubby comes home (not that any of them have worked yet). I really wanted to achieve our last baby completely...
I keep hoping for that! I really, really do. It just doesn't seem to be happening. The last two days or so I've been having some of the heart symptoms show through despite having taken my medication and that is kind of scaring me. My doctor had originally wanted to induce me last week but let me go longer because the baby was fine according to the no-stress test. I see him again tomorrow... I'm just trying not to think about any of it at this point because the more I...
Congrats on the babies, ladies. I'll be a week overdue tomorrow and even though I'm trying not to feel discoraged I've sort the last two days crying. Today seems to be going the same.
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