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Okay I did exactly as you said. I went on my sons computer, yes a PC, and clicked multiplayer, it recognized my open LAN world but would not connect at all to it. I tried starting a world on his PC and opening to LAN then came to my PC but it won't even recognize an open LAN at all ;(
Okay we got two accounts now! All paid for ;) I found a server last night and we played for a long time building a lot, and now today the server won't connect. I'm going to try to open a LAN and play that way. I applied for the unschooling whitelist server from the link about, but I am not completely sure what unschooling is. We have a lot of fun but most servers we find are hard to play and confusing and has bad behaviors.
I downloaded a version onto the PC. It isn't registered so I guess I cannot play from my PC with him on his?  
My son has started playing Minecraft the past month. I have gotten into it with him. He really enjoys it but doesn't know anyone else that plays. Does anyone have kids that play and can tell me how to enter a code to play together? I'm lost on that part!  Also, how much Minecraft is too much? haha
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