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I never heard about it until just now. So sad. I wish violence against women would end. So sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz Can you go to some more therapy to work on your voice recognition skills? I can imagine it must be horribly frustrating for you. Therapy isn't going to work because it's something I struggled with all my life. It's part of my hearing loss. When I'm in a room that is mostly quiet and there isn't loud, overlapping conversations going on, I can hear well.
There's a scrapbook thing close to where I live that I'm going to. The place has it every week. No special scrapbook events though.
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz Is there some response that you'd get from her that would resolve this for you? If I don't, I don't care. The only main thing we have in common is that we're frugal. I don't deserve how I'm being treated by her. Life is short. Is your hearing disorder being adequately treated? Yes, I have digital BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids and my voice recognition skills aren't that great. It sounds like having a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slabobbin I would be careful, this could backfire. She could share the letter with others you know and everyone could end up thinking you are a nut (I'm not calling you a nut, I'm saying that you could end up being embarrassed). Because unless you haven't shared something with us, I see no evidence what-so-ever that she has treated you "poorly" at all. Not wanting to have a conversation with you is not "treating you poorly"....
Update: I'm going to send a letter to her and see what happens. I know it may ruin the friendship. However, I don't deserve to be treated poorly by someone without letting them know how I feel about it. What makes it difficult is she is a daughter of my parents' friends who they see occassionally. On top of that, she treats other people who I'm related to much better than me by carrying on a conversation with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slabobbin Why is "jealous" such a bad word to you? It really seems to offend you. That said, maybe she doesn't want to be your friend. All indications lead that way. Why not just move on? Jealousy and feeling left out/ignored by somone are 2 different things.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Could you give us some more examples of what she's said/how she's said it so we can help you figure out exactly how to respond? Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty What's wrong with admitting that you are jealous? Excuse me? I am not jealous. I feel left out and hurt. Quote: Originally Posted by MilkTrance I would be honest and write an e-mail if it's...
There's a situaion between me and a friend. I'm feeling ignored & left out by her while she talks to other members of my family just fine. It has always been somewhat like this. It really bothers me and I want to talk to her about it without sounding jealous but I don't know how. Most of the times, it seems, she talk to me if I initate the contact and the conversations are brief.
The largest Mall in the U.S. which is in Minnesota. I would love to go there. Just visiting all the stores and attractions and shopping sounds so much fun. Does it have any rare or unique shops? What did you like or didn't like about it? I've always thought maybe going there.
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