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My 11.5 yo dd still plays A LOT! But she has also moved onto more academic things as well. And a lot of times the 2 are very much mixed together! My 10yo doesn't play much, but she never has. She prefers to hang out doing 'mommy' things.
We do for grade 4 and 5 right now. I personally LOVE it! But i'm not good at math, and struggle so much with trying to teach them concepts out of workbooks. And plus i'm far too unschooly to bother with teacher manuals, and stuff. I love how it teaches the kids the concept though, and that they can view the solution if they get it wrong.
She can't write more than one or two words :P But we don't practice much at all with her, unless she asks.
We tend to take most of the winter off cause I get really depressed and have no energy.
Its totally possible!! We have tonnes of curriculum, but barely use any of it. LOL We mostly use random opportunities to talk about things, toys, games, etc. My oldest is 11, and this is still working fine for us. Not sure how it will be as she gets older... I have a feeling we'll need something more substantial then, but maybe not?
I could have written your post! I have a ds 4, and a ds 14 months. I also have 3 older girls, but they go to bed quite well thankfully! I have no advice... Its hard because both ds's just want to be with us, but we need a bit of alone time! Plus the older girls keep complaining that its not fair that the 4yo gets to stay up late, and they have to go to bed. UGH!
Not me, but I too would love to hear your experiences!
I totally know what you are saying! This is the first year we are doing any sort of 'routine' at all. When the kids get up we all have breakfast (me usually coffee at the computer). Then they do their chores (which take about 45 min usually). After chores we do a bit of group work (reading a history story, a devotional, and maybe something else). Then the kids do their independant stuff, coming to me as necessary (math, and LA). Its usually lunch time by then, so...
I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I have 5 kids, but the worst 2 are my 10yo and 3yo. However the 10yo is always involved in pretty much any fight going on. Very frustrating. I really feel that sometimes she just doesn't like her siblings at all
I feel this way often. I think this feeling is probably the HARDEST part of homeschooling.
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