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My kids are 7 and 8 now. We live in burlington vt a small college city but we are on the outside more family party of the city. behind our hours are woods and to the side of the woods a soccerfield and playground with tennis basketball and bathrooms. If they went with an older child (they have many older friends here) I might consider it they do play in the woods and soccer field alone. I love them playing alone but I also like to be able to yell to them
So I have a few situations. WIth my first 2 kids girl and boy 18 months apart they started bed sharing when they were 3 and 4 and have continued until 6 months ago at ages 6-8 now my 8 year old ds bed shares with his 2 year old brother until he wakes to cometo me to nurse. And usually by then my 7yo dd is in me room also.WHEW
Ive got one carpet in my giant livingroom- I vaccume daily (a little obsessive) it takes about 15 min as Im cleanin up toys at the same time- I would NEVERspend 2 hours straight doing it espically with a toddler- your going overboard- do a room or 2 a day if not for you for her-or have your partner do 1/2 and you do the other 1/2
I make and sell them all the time- 2 layers of cotton and velcro is all you need
hes old enough to understand just tell him we dont nurse at church we can nurse before we go in and when we get nack to the car
got some knitting done! a hat and sweater for soren my2 year old!    
                    I know picture heavy but I wanted to prove Ive been working!
So far    3 scale slings (to weigh newborns at birth) 1 instrument wrap 2 shirts for the 100th day of school 1 homework holder for chair back 1 awesome rice bag 1 knit washcloth     so Im at 9 pictures to follow!
everyones doing so great! I felt like I had a heads up on you all. I currentlysew for amidwife supply company (a new gig) some of the items Im making she sold 200 of last year-WOW! anyway Im on 6/52 pictures tomorrow hopefully. I have made   -1 knit washcloth -1 homework holder for back of chair -3 scale slings -1 instrument wrap   more to come!
I went to the fabric store this thread got me excited to sew again!!!
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