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When it's still dark out...and the house is still quiet...do not walk into your sisters' rooms, blow them kisses, and then slam their doors. It was 5:30am, and I'm pregnant...NO ONE BUT YOU WANTS TO BE UP AT THIS HOUR! It's one thing to get you breakfast, and then lounge on the couch...it's another thing to get you and both your sisters breakfast that I have to monitor closely so your youngest sister doesn't choke...so puhleeeeeese, come wake me first (or stay in your bed...
I'm admining...it's secret because Facebook was tattle-tailing on people joining to their friends. PM with your email for an add
We UP/UC so no ultrasounds for us. I also do not believe there is enough evidence to determine that they are safe, and I see far too much evidence showing that there is a good chance they are dangerous. Doppler Danger's fb page and group are a good place to start for anyone interested in the potential risks.
This might not be classified as large, but we're on #4 :)
Kristen, were you on the fb DDG? I'm Kyra, if you were :)
We had to make the group secret, because facebook is being a tattle tale. If you want to pm me, I will add you to the group <3
https://m.facebook.com/groups/1407207919494069 made a group
Would anybody be interested in making a Facebook group? My last pregnancy I was part of a great MDC DDC fb group, and we're all still close
If they don't, let me know. I'll grow you one, too!
Thank you <3 It's a crappy situation. My family has the general view that one is enough, and more than that, is overpopulation. This will be baby #4 for us, and pregnancy #6.
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