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Thank you, everyone! I appreciate the help
Thank you, ladies. I believe that she must love her children, she just doesn't seem to know how to show it. I've discussed it with my husband, and I will be calling children's aid. His question to me is, if this is what she does in front of people...what does she do behind closed doors?
Thanks for the advice, ladies. I will contact children's aid, and see what they think. I just felt like I needed to double check that this is the right thing to do. This is such a serious action to take, which can result in the removal of her children, so I wanted to ask your opinions first. I hope they have some resources for her to parent better, or that they find her children somewhere stable, and gentle to go.
I've wondered the same thing, but we're in military housing. I've seen my middle daughter pull a nail out of the wall, so I am not sure how I can make it so that something like that wouldn't be possible...screws, maybe? But then I also worry about the material of the art.
I remember calling up a friend after 3 weeks of no lights in my kitchen, asking her how I change a little bulb, and how I figure out what kind of bulb to use LOL. It was one of those chandelier bulbs, but it had no words on it or anything, so I wasn't sure what wattage I needed. Needless to say, she did it -oops-
No I haven't, thank you for the suggestions
I wonder if your suggestion would be enough to make her question her parenting? I've never seen her be nice to her oldest, and I've never heard her say anything nice about her. She tells her she is going to grow up to be a stripper, and that she's the child from hell, an ungrateful brat, etc. I really hate overstepping, but my heart says this needs intervention.
It's not that she sees my kids as naughty or rude, it's specifically that my middle daughter is non-verbal, and she is convinced she is stubborn and that me feeding her/changing her, etc. without her asking is hindering her development (when in reality, she is autistic and simply can not express these things to me, and becomes frustrated and overwhelmed when she tries).I have already decided I want to keep my children away from her, but I just feel like someone needs to...
Is there any free Waldorf curriculum lurking about on the Internet? I've searched and found a few posts from years back, but the websites no longer offer anything free. I will purchase it if I must, but I wanted to try some of it out first.
How do you handle this? I've just recently moved, and one of the women that I have met so far was great...until I saw her around her children. She's pro-spanking, calls them names, and shames/demeans them constantly. She even went as far as telling her 8 year old that she is not her family. I would like to be able to help her see the damage she is doing to her kids, but she has acts like I'm the one with the problem for not punishing my children, and setting stricter...
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