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Update: AF came yesterday, so I might be one of those few people in the study who has a uterine artery hats always palpable, or I has a chemical pregnancy (which is possible, because I had a faint test before bleeding started).
Can I join in? I'm on CD 1 with my first *real* PP period. The past few times have just been spotting. I'm grateful to be menstruating, because now I know my uterus is actually growing lining to sustain a pregnancy.
I wonder this, too. I did not feel it the other day, at about 8dpo. Still going strong at 11dpo. There doesn't appear to be much data in how early, so I'll let you know if I get my bfp!
A thread is what this looks like to me...rust coloured, and I was checking my cm at the time, so I don't it would of even come out noticeably on toilet paper.
Thank you I'm off to do that now
I'm 10dpo, and I just had the smallest tinge of rust coloured bleeding in my cm, but my temps are still high (98.8). When did you get IB? What did it look like?
Any one feel this, and end up being pregnant? I'm 10dpo. It's located in the lateral fornices of your vagina, which is the recesses/dips on either side of your cervix. Mine has a heavy pulse, and I believe the vaginal artery can only be felt at the lower part of your vaginal canal, so...process of elimination tells me that what I am feeling is likely my uterine artery pulsing. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7776303
The following day I dropped to 97.3 (could be a fallback rise), and this morning it was 98.28
I'm also in my early 20's, and agree with mamapigeon in that I feel it IS seen as sexual to the people looking. I agree with Triniity's advice, and I think it's important that you talk this over with her, and let her know why you are concerned. I think it's a great opportunity for a good dialogue about these types of things that crop up more and more, the older she gets.
I'm with rlschrader Follow your heart and gut. Do what you feel most comfortable with. To answer your questions, my husband was hard to convince. What really brought him to a more comfortable place with it was talking it over with a friend of mine's husband, as she UC'd 4 of her babies. That same friend was at my birth, hanging out in the living room with our older kids while we birthed in our bedroom. It was great to have her there, for the sake of my kids, and also to...
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