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Has anyone successfully frozen yogurt, to thaw it out and eat at a later time? We currently have a ton of milk, and I would like to make some more yogurt (just made 6 jars), but I don't want it to go to waste. Frozen yogurt treats are always nice, but I would like to be able to thaw it out for my kiddos, because they like it best with berries and raw honey as a breakfast or snack. Thanks
Thanks, mamas! I reeaally hope that this time is different, and that it doesn't effect me so much. I tried relaunching my girls after baby was born each time, and neither remembered or was interested. I would love to tandem nurse this time, though.
I'm glad to see I'm not alone
Update: OPKs turned neg at the end of the day two days ago. I tested my temp that morning, and it was 96.68, and the following morning it was 97.7, so I assume I ovulated that morning. This morning (2dpo), my temp was 97.3, so I think that must be that dip people talk about at 2dpo, but only time will tell the bleeding also stopped when the OPKs went -, and my cervix is now low, and cm is creamy.
I temped what I am assuming to be the morning of O (last day of positive OPK, and it was negative in the morning). That morning, my temp was 96.68, and this morning, my temp was 97.7...would that alone show that I O'd if the temps were to stay up, and it was in line with my cm and positive OPKs?
Can I jump in? I'm finally on 1dpo, after a rocky "am I ovulating? am I not?" kind of week.
Bleeding is back with ewcm, and cervix is SOFT again lol. Oh boy...
I agree with Taximom5, it looks a lot like chicken pox to me, but I also agree with her previous post and I think it is important that you have someone evaluate the rash in the event it is something more serious. Best of wishes to you and your little one
The picture isn't showing up still. Are the dots raised? Can you press clear plastic on one to see if they still remain red when pressure is applied?
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