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Will do! GAH! I swear Ihad ovulation pains...came home, tested on an OPK again...more positive than this morning. I want to think I'm pregnant, but my cervix is soo open. It's beginning to firm up, my cm is creamy, and I could of sworn I ovulated though, so not sure what is going on :S
Ha! It gets so much weirder. So I started bleeding again the other day, very lightly, and checked my cervix, and thought...weird...it's really high, and soft! So I peed on an OPK, which was positive (still bleeding at the time), and yet again this morning...positive OPK, and ewcm. I think I finally O'd this afternoon...now my cm has changed to creamy, and the bleeding has stopped, but my cervix is still really open. So funky short period might = ovulation. I'll let you...
Would this be helpful at all? I just got my basal thermometer, and by the looks of thing, I am finally ovulating, so I'm looking to start temping tomorrow morning. Would it be helpful to determine if there is a dip, or if it stays the same? Or should I just wait until next cycle? Thanks!
Another positive OPK for me today (clearblue says I can use fmu, and I got a pos in the afternoon yesterday, too). Also, more light bleeding, and cramps, and cervix is still super high. Hoping that means I am Oing this cycle,
DH leaves for 8 months come September, and we're trying desperately to get pregnant before he goes. Just looking for some other people to chat with who are in the same boat!
We are currently ttc, and I am nursing our youngest. For my past two pregnancies, I had extreme difficulty nursing due to the feelings it would cause me...the only way I can describe it is "ick"...I would like to continue breastfeeding all the way throughout my pregnancy and then tandem nursing when the baby is born. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to reduce this "icky" feeling?
I'm definitely in the WTF IS GOING ON?!?! category :P
Thanks for your reply seattlemamma! Does it sound like I finally am ovulating now that I have a positive OPK? I'm really kicking myself for not temping, but my kiddos broke my thermometer, and I'm still waiting for my new one to come in the mail. This is the longest and the heaviest this light bleed/spotting has gone on for so far, but we also had a rough bd earlier, so I think my cervix might be a tad irritated.Edit: I am still bfing, as well, but not often these days.
Can I hop in here (kinda late lol?). I am so confused as to what is going on with me. I'm still nursing, but very little these days. Any ways, I've had spotting replacing my period like clockwork for the last few months, and I noticed some ewcm 7-8 days ago, so I thought I had O'd then...then suddenly, yesterday I had spotting/light bleeding again. Today, the spotting/light bleeding is still there, and light pink in colour. My cervix was high, and soft this morning, so I...
Hello everyone, I was wondering what your experiences with your first postpartum periods while breastfeeding were? I am a year PP. April 30th, I had spotting and cramps, which stopped the following day (was more like pink-tinged cm), June 1st, I had the same sort of issue. It picked up to an actual bleed on the 2nd for about 10 minutes, and then dissipated again. If I checked my cm, for the following days, it was tinged pink (so I guess it didn't stop on the next day...but...
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