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I have taken it with great success for UTIs/bladder infections, and for my uterine infection when I had retained membranes. While some sources stated not to take it while nursing, I took the lowest dose, monitored my little one, and she had no ill effects. I felt far more comfortable using OoO than antibiotics. As far as I know, it's not a preventative type oil, and is taken when a problem is pinpointed, but I could be wrong. During cold/flu season, we increase our...
What is your connection to the military? AD Spouse Branch: AF Years of your families service: First year Current post location: CFB Kingston, ON Currently deployed: No, away on training. Kids in the family? Expecting? 3 daughters, 4 and under. Not expecting any time soon Interested in a local meet up? Yes!
I'm in Kingston - not too far from Ottawa
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