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I have the snot sucker and a bulb syringe and baby hates hates hates the sucker. It can work but not that well. The syringe doesn't work well either. :/
So interesting to hear everyone's perspective, especially the well thought out rationales behind diametrically opposed viewpoints.
 Mumma must be local New Zealand slang.   I've never heard it before you started using it in this ddc.  It makes me think of Mummies....      Danielle will you PM a link of the group to me?  I cannot even find the search bar when I log in as my blog persona, which I'm more comfortable using.  (it's so hard to try to maintain some privacy/anonymity when participating in online communities and I try not to put too much "out there" on the internet after some previous bad...
Okay. I don't want to switch but I didn't realize this group would be archived. What about starting a thread on Life with a Baby at that point?
I don't like the Moby after fifteen pounds, it just hurts my shoulders. Woven wraps are so much more pain free after that point.
Absolutely. They change. Mostly aging changes them but motherhood perhaps accelerates this a little bit. I've never denied it to my pregnant friends. I regularly lament losing a cup size after weaning compared to before kids! Had to give away my pretty bra collection. :-)
I wore baby#2 for the first half year and that kept him safe. Then an eight year gap between kids means that I can leave#3 in their arms for a few minutes and trust them with their sister! Awesome perk!
I don't do any modifications to my babies unless their health depends on it.
We are a Santa family too, but don't really talk about it much, never have. Stockings get filled overnight and boys are happy in the morning. They haven't really believed after age six and my older son was never the type to swallow the story. We just haven't discussed it much, it's always been such a peripheral part of the holiday, and my sons sensed that from my attitude and didn't question the issue much, I guess. Once they were big enough to know better they knew better...
Feet are meant to walk, cars are meant to be driven, breasts are for feeding your offspring. What else should they be saved for? Watching my third nursling un-latch & pass out milk drunk next to me with a smile on her sleeping face and milk dribbling down her chin, I think is the loveliest sight in the world. I get an ego boost from that far greater than from being ogled by men.
New Posts  All Forums: