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Exactly what Viola said. Finally after five years constant nursing my boys, & of being at least ten pounds up from Pre-pregnancy weight, I dropped the weight easily when I weaned my younger son. I had gotten my period years earlier but that didn't affect. Weaning did.
I am surprised that a 3 year old child wouldn't prefer to play with the gang, rather than nurse. Seems like time the OP and her kids spend with new friend & her kids would be such precious social time that it's better to snuggle & nurse before &/or after the playdate. It's so important for the OP to have adult interaction, a friend even, and equally important for kids to have playmates they enjoy. As humans our need to socialize can't be stressed enough. I think that...
8 weeks pp & finally had my dr check. I'm totally back to pre-pregnancy condition.... honestly I am hanging on to that since 25lbs around my middle is making medepressed otherwise. I cling to the fact that I can really birth babies & bounce back like a rubber band....even if my scale is ruining my day every morning....!
I'm considering this one now. Any evidence that it isn't safe, now that it's been routinely given for about a year?
You are a very thin little thing if you don't always have the min required body fat to menstruate! I have never been so thin it kept my period away, even when 118-125lbs @ 5'7", as I always am when not pregnant or breastfeeding. Anyone pondering rotavirus vaccine?
What do you mean? Having extra pounds triggers your period? I've never heard that. I've understood it's all about how many hours you go between nursing. As soon as it goes over about 4 hours between feeding, you may get your fertility back. We have had many instances of baby sleeping six hours so I guess I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't get it back.
The five pounds I thought I lost have come back 3 or 4 times. Dag nab it. If the weight would just steadily decline, I wouldn't mind how slow. A half pound a week, whatever. I have eight months until my wedding. 8 weeks post partum and had my checkup yesterday and cleared for any sort of exercise but I know it's what I eat that will make a difference, not exercise. I'm burning tons of energy breastfeeding already. But exercise will help my mood and help my...
I'm jealous of you ladies who have dropped all the weight! I still have 20-25 pounds to go, I always gain so much so I have lost half but still feel so pudgy. 8 weeks pp & had my checkup today and everything looks remarkably good, back to normal tone so I can do whatever. Lady bits are bounced back but waistline is a mess!
I think ....don't over think! Pump both sides a bit and after a few days your supply will adjust so any lack of milk you noticed will go away.
I only pump once a day for minutes by the way. :-) Maybe pump only after baby feeds?
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