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Thank you for posting this. I just wish i could go back in time and not have gotten a thimerosal containing flu shot at 37 weeks. My son has a speech delay and i am convinced the flu shot was largely responsible.
Ed Kavle is a wonderful man who completely respects parental choice. He is a great all-around pedi. He is at torrington-winsted-canton pediatrics. I've heard the other docs are good as well with the exception of dr. Grogean. There is also cindy st. onge, but i've heard she doesnt accept new non vaxing patients.
For maggie, My son had a posterior tt which was super painful and also caused supply issues. Luckily, his clipping fixed everything. He still nurses now at 24 months. Is it likely my future babies will have the same issue? Thanks
The patents of blockbuster drugs eventually expire, so pharmaceutical companies need to keep churning out new drugs to make a profit. Vaccines are exempt from this so they are a steady stream of revenue, especially once added to the childhood schedule, for decades. Vaccine manufactuers are actively seeking to expand their markets throughout the world. I only see the vaccine market getting more and more lucrative for them. It also helps their bottom lines that they don't...
I am a former labor and delivery nurse. We would typically administer 20 units of pitocin in one liter of iv fluid after delivery to help control bleeding. If a patient was bleeding heavily we would add another 10 or 20 units. If a patient didn't have an iv by choice or because of a fast delivery we could give 10 units of pitocin as a shot intramuscularly. The iv pitocin takes effect quicker.
Oops i submitted that too soon. The flu shot also won't help my patients at all according to the cochrane review (the gold standard for biomedical meta-analyses) who have shown no decrease in flu transmission or deaths when healthcare workers are vaxed. I protect my patients by adhering to meticulous hand hygeine and staying home when I'm sick.
Scary stuff...I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this point.
CPS scares me. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've read too many horror stories about children being taken away for ridiculous reasons (like the parents in CA who had their baby taken away after they sought a second opinion when they didn't like the care they were receiving). I think its good to CYA by going to WBV because you never know what could be used against you. CPS has way to much power and not enough accountability for what they do.
Hi everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for about a year now and I really should introduce myself before I ask you all for advice. I am a RN currently working in a step-down NICU for a year and a half. Prior to that I was a labor and delivery/postpartum nurse. I also have a degree in molecular biology. I never questioned vaccines, yet I never did any research into their effectiveness or into the ingredients they were made of. I thought everything the CDC said was...
Could you pm me too? Thanks!
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