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2 is my limit. i would not be opposed to pumping and letting my kid drink from a cup.
he may just be more independant, my last baby(#4) didnt really care much for co sleeping or baby wearing. i thought it was odd but as she has grown she has just shown a very independant personality. all my others co slept and were worn all the time. 
thanks so much, yeah that was my instinct to not take them to the doc. the last thing i want to do is get them cut. thank you for the links :)
My boys are 11 and 9 and intact. their foreskins only retract to the base of the glans or head of the penis. I am worried that it is not normal and should have already been retractable. my fiance(not the bio father) is intact and says he thinks they may need to see a doctor because his foreskin was retractable from very early childhood, so I am torn as to what to do. 
I just thought I would take a few moments and introduce myself :) I live near richmond va, im a mom of four expecting baby number five in may :)
I dont know if this helps but i had a 9lbs2.4oz baby and then 2 more babies under 8 lbs. so its not always true. also its not the over all size and weight of baby that matters but the head size, what position you are giving birth in ect.. if you were to be on your hands and  knees during your pushing stage that would help alot, another position that would give you more room about 25% mor room is squatting.
Well if you have tricare prime i would switch to standard. it will give you more options in chosing a provider you want and not having to use a military doc or pick from a list of people they want you to see. with standard you most likely will not need a referal but just in case you should double check. its been five years sence i had tricare and i always kept standard so i could choose who i wanted to see. good luck :)
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