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i think ur a good mom.. i do not know what it is w co-sleeping and nursing passed two, but every mom i have met had this promblem too. in some way. i went though it too. i think just be firm with your son. i know when i get off the computer and get that tv off, my younger ones are out. good luck! 
as a mom of 4..im hoping for this too..
my two year loves her Bobbie...(bm) which i cool w me..expect she has issues w wanting regular table food. allot of times her slippie cups sit and never get touched..i make her favs allot..pasta, grilled cheese and even tired getting Elmo pasta they have out now..and it sits..so for those of you w older kids..2 to 5..please i need to do a eating play date..come over my house and bring lunch..eat w lily-Anna and I at my table..or i can met you somewhere..insidish..but not...
im in norwich like i said above. i like the childern mus and the hole in the wall beach when its spring time...;o 
hi. we were talking on here before. do you remember me? grats on ur baby as its new year day and I'm sure you had your baby..i would love love love to met..i am nursing my 5 month old and my two year old. i did this w my older girls too. ;]  they weaned at 5 and 3 in 09.i also co-sleep w my two year old and baby sleeps in room w us in her cradle i live currently in Norwich.. I'll also pm you..;] 
thanx..this board for se ct has been so dead for so long..guess no crunchy families live here anymore..lol..
hi mamas!! I'm thinking of changing doc office for my children. I'm looking for someone who is open, supports breast feeding 100 %, is nice and supportive of families, and will hold off on shots if a family wants this. we have 4 kids and are on government insurance. know anyone? 
;] i pmied u!
hi. its OK its a old thread. im up for getting together. emailing etc. i'll pm you...
thanks for explaining. I'm another mom who came across this. i cant rememeber if i had this done after my 1st two. There was U psuhing but not like ur saying. my 3rd was a c section. 
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