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just registered- thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.  much appreciated!
Do any of you Grand Rapids mommas know of a local group or online group that discusses local pediatricians, midwives, etc.?  Moving to the GR area and new to all of it with no direction for natural parenting/birth, etc.... hoping that someone can share local resources around there!  Thanks so much!
Hello mommas! i am moving from milwaukee to the grand rapids, MI area in a matter of months- i have asked my local community here anyone has any natural parenting connections or resources and so far, nothing.  I am hoping to find some "group" or something where i can chat with moms about various resources- pediatricians, how the vaccination requirements are there, and of course, how home birth and midwives are available in the area.  specifically, we are looking at the...
Thank you- if anyone has other input, I appreciate that as well. Am meeting with them tomorrow... thanks again! (We actually left Waukesha about 6 months ago and are now in Wauwatosa- 4k through the public system.)
Are there laws or hoops when a 4 year old is pulled out of preschool after just a few days or weeks? My son is a very young 4K'er in the public school system and long story short- I am not sure it was a good choice. Perhaps a different system, or perhaps nothing until next fall- but what laws are there and what issues will I face if I want to pull him? Talking to the principal and teacher today, the teacher said that it would be a "disservice to him" to do that b/c...
Tosa- right by the Milwaukee Cty Zoo.
Katie, yes- I did fill out that card with all vax's to that date, but I did not fill in an exemption because I didn't know if it would be weird to do that AND fill in vax records. I get it now though. I will just update that card with religious exemption and should be a-okay it sounds like. Thank you!
Thank you for your response. I should have said that I did give them his previous record- so there is record that he has received all vaccinations up until a certain date, does that matter? Can I use the same statement, with modification...? Perhaps with a date that the statement (and our beliefs) changed? Do we not need to worry about "being" a particular religion? Sorry for so many questions. ... thank you.
I am looking for some help with getting religious exemption for my 4 year old. He is starting 4k (junior kindergarden) this fall through the public school system in Wisconsin. The thing is... is that he WAS vaxed "on schedule" (before I knew better) but will not continue to be vaccinated. We had another child who was vaxed 2 patial rounds at 3 months and then 5 months, and after that time, we decided that neither child would be vaxed again. SO- my question is......
I did vax 2 partial "rounds" sadly, and have not and will not again. Sweet little DS was 5 months at his last vaxes, is now 10 months and to answer the Q, no. I did not and do not worry about overprotecting him from random things and keeping him in a bubble of germ-free living. Despite having had a few vaxes very young, I would not be concerned about this. I would be reasonably "clean" around him, but not avoid certain normal activities just to keep potential germs...
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