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I am preparing for my second UC (baby is due Friday) and I have some last minute things to sort out. I was wondering what anyone would do in a situation where a baby swallows or breathes in meconium water. Also, what is the best way to cut an umbilical cord? Do you have to clamp both sides? And what would some warning signs be for needing to go to a hospital? I just want to make sure I have everything covered. Thanks!
I cant figure out how to send a message, it could be because I am using a tablet not a regular computer. My email is sarahreedmastej@hotmail.com. thanks!
Prescottchels, is there anyway I could get that info too? I am due with my second on the 22nd of Feb and I am going through all info I can get my hands on to make sure I havent missed anything. My first was a homebirth also but I feel really nervous this time around for some reason. Thanks
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