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Thank you for your help and response! I understand that it might seem that your answers are not 'helpful' but in fact the way that I'll analyze the data will take into account sibling age and appropriate behaviors and would compare your family to similar families. Thanks again! 
Great suggestion! I'll look into amending that. Thank you for your time!
Interesting observation! I'll consider that and try to make it more cohesive.   Thank you for taking the time to respond to my survey!
Hi there,   I'm Olivia Joyce, a senior at Union College. Since September I have been conducting a senior project in Psychology. My work at a special needs camp, Camp Paul (Chelmsford, MA), and at a special needs school, Wildwood (Schenectady, NY), inspired me to further investigate special needs and potentially pursue a career in education.    My senior project aims to understand the ways in which the relationship between typically developing siblings, and...
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