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I'm thinking of the same thing, even thinking of enrolling her in the Lit course officially.  Can't offer any real answers to your question I guess.  Just popping in to say 'Me too!' 
I don't know, maybe make them come to your house for pick-ups/ drop-offs?  Get them off their own turf where they obviously feel empowered to treat you that way.  In either case, I wouldn't stand for it.  Not sure what your legal custody situation is, but you do not have to put up with this.  Take it to the courts if you have to.
My family is crazy busy, all the time.  We have to say no to a lot, and take a lot of rain checks, even to play dates and events we would love to go to.  In other words, I wouldn't take this personally.    
Thanks for the input guys.  She is still steadfast about homeschooling, so I don't think any harm has been done.  I think her friends have dropped the issue.  I really think a lot of it was just shock and hurt that they wouldn't all be together next year.  I can understand that (They have been a pretty tight knit group throughout elementary and middle school).
Thanks for weighing in guys    @ SweetSilver-  Exactly.  Those words do sting her more than she cares to admit.  She knows she made the best (and bravest) choice for herself, and to have it so knocked down by her best friends sucks for her.     @ moominmamma-  Thanks for the blog rec!  I checked it out briefly, and it looks like something she could definitely benefit from viewing! Too bad she's at a sleepover, I would show that to her right now!     Maybe you're...
So my 14 y/o daughter is being told by her friends that she will be 'dumb' and not learn anything homeschooling for high school  Most of her knows this is bulls@%*#, but I can tell at least a little of it is taking hold and causing doubt and worry in her mind.  I know her friends truly don't mean harm; they honestly don't know what homeschooling looks like- Side note- One of her friends actually told her that she will sit at the dining room table all day doing worksheets!...
First of all, congrats on the pregnancy ernjkly!  How exciting! :)   I've never worked in research, so I can't really compare, but I do know that in a clinical setting there really is no taking work home with you, which is one thing I've always been thankful for!  And it is often family friendly in terms of scheduling.     Hopefully everything times out perfectly for you, and you will wrap up your Masters program before baby arrives!  I think it's good that you want to...
I feel ya.  I was flipping through my gardening books on Christmas day :)  
I'm a medical laboratory scientist (I also have a BA in public health). I love my job too but I'm quitting this summer to become a SAHM and homeschool my kids. I know how hard it is to go to school with kiddos! How many do you have? I'm very unhappy with my work life balance right now. I LOVE my job but I'm out of the home too much and my family suffers. I appreciate those mamas that can do both, I simply can't. I feel like I've missed too much of my kids growing up...
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