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Hello, Ive just moved to Cambridge from NB and am actually staying in one of the family units at a local shelter due to some unfortunate events. Anyways my bf and I wanted to know if anyone knew of things to do during the day to keep the lil one and us away from people and things that can be a bad influence?   Thanks for reading
So I had my lil one 2 1/2 years ago and my stitches seemed awfully tight and were quiet painful, after a while they, to my knowledge at the time, healed up fine. Then 2 nights ago after sex(in a new position)(sry about the TMI) when I whent to the washroom I was in a rush and flexed to go fasted and felt a sharp pain, So I looked in the mirror and it seems to me that I had ripped where I had stitches close to my libia. Anyways It hurts every time I use the washroom I...
Just moved to Cambridge from New Brunswick
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