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Glad you're feeling better!   My kids (8 and 10) love to Skype.  But, they have some specific rules to follow.   1. Computer is only used in the kitchen (center of house, very open)   2. All Skype "friends" have to be approved by me.   The kids began Skyping with family and my 10 yo now chats with a couple of friends too. 
I have been a toe walker my entire 30+ years. I have good balance and am fairly physically active. The only side effects are my super-high arches and super-strong legs. Running by hitting the ground with your tows first is supposed to be much better for your joints. There is a whole barefoot running trend that stressing this.
Just watched a couple of Raising Sextuplets episodes on my DVR and I immediately had to check out what all of the Mothering Mommys were saying about the show. There has to be someone else out their watching the show with one hand over their eyes. Any thoughts? Does anyone else want to take the mommy and babies away from that husband and bring them back to their families?
Your picture is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
My local Salvation Army has never carried any kid's gear. No strollers, toys, highchairs, etc. There was simply no way they could keep-up with recalls and safety information.
Open all of the windows. Get that air moving and those nasty germs out of there. Hope everyone feels better soon
I am also not a fan of plasticy junk for goodie bags. Generally, I like to give a party favor. One of my favorites was for my ds's 5th birthday. Each child received a Mister Birthday book that said "thank you for coming to my birthday party" written inside. The parents appreciated the book and the kids (hopefully) have had fun reading it. Have a great party!
We used to take our cat (before we moved) to Diamond Hill Vet Clinic on Pine Swamp Road in Cumberland. Just over the Wrentham line. They were so very compasionate when our last cat died on the way to the office. I can't say enough about how well they treat their animal and human customers.
Last year, a local organic farm began a CSA. I happily signed-up for 17 weeks a half share (2 adults and 2 little ones). : The farm is starting their CSA sign-ups again. Same deal, 17 weeks, but the price seems to hvae SKYROCKED. $325 for a half share and $550 for a full share! While I can't find their prices from last year? I know that I didn't pay that much. Could it be that their demand is so high that they CAN riaise thier prices? Is it the price of...
I have just a regular, old compost bin that sits on the ground. At school, they have a large tumbler. It is nearly impossible to turn. Also, I'm not sure how worms could ever crawl up into it like they do in my bin. Personally, if I had it to do over again I would stick with a simple ground model.
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