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FWIW, I've never had to sign any form or read anything prior to vaccinating my kid(s).
I guess it's been mentioned that Dr Brabsen isn't backing up the LisaRoss birth center any longer, and the moms who risk out wind up at UT.   They send you to UT OB, where Dr Rodriguez is technically their backup, but his practice covers.   So for natural minded mamas who get sent to UT OB, you really do want to see Dr Shoutko if you can.  He is amazing, and I've now seen and used all of the docs there at least in rotation.  He has 5 kids and could be a midwife if he...
Our local nice grocery has organic formulas for sale now. 
I hate to tell you but there do seem to be churches that quietly endorse CDD,  Please be careful if you intrude into this woman's personal life because you risk making things very bad for her.
Because the shaming will somehow make her a better mother and help her make better decisions someday.   good grief.  I get so tired of the dogpiling.
Absolutley.  You can only do so m uch and what happened was out of your control.  I'm a carseat nerd with the best of them but you were literally stranded. 
  You're going to get banned just for daring to mention a UAV .  Brave girl!
bumping this up for other hsv mamas.
I was talking about this in our district. My son's SN preschool teacher said that they had a child once who had to be cath'd and she was really really unsure and didn't want to do it. She was not a nurse, she was a teacher.  She said she was really really worried about the liability wrt sexual abuse issues there as well.   Now our district has a nurse in every school, so it's moot.  But the above reasons may be why Head Start is a little taken aback.
I would absolutely allow a 10 year old to make that choice. After all, she is the one who suffered with the flu last year, and she wants to avoid repeating that experience. Nothing strange about that. And you can say "Hey, the shot doesn't always work, so it's not a guarantee, but if you choose this I won't stop you" And what if you don't allow her to get it and she contracts the flu again? She could really hold that against you, I would think. At 10 I think a...
New Posts  All Forums: