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We use a mirror for ds. It isnt breakable, and I have it sewn/attached to the headrest. He is RF, but we dont have Aspiration/choking issues either.
I buy coconut oil in the cooking oil section.
OMG I hope those babies live. :
Coconut oil is the bomb! :
Quote: Originally Posted by GalateaDunkel This makes perfect sense and describes my experience with submission well. I did not feel that I had a choice. It was a moral obligation. I think most people know the difference between "doing something because I want to do it" and "doing something because I feel morally obligated to do it," notwithstanding that we don't always fulfill our moral obligations. Other posters seem to be almost willfully...
Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy I am so thankful to be married to my husband. He understands submission to God and to eachother. I don't identify as a *submissive* wife because I don't like the connotation it brings up to so many people. I also don't care for all the borderline abusive situations and plethora of controlling, jerky husbands I see (and wives who put up with them) who fall under the umbrella of "devoted servants to Jesus" because...
You know I'm a carseat nerd, but I'd have him FF too. Too scary with all the choking and aspirating!
AFAIK, which isnt much , at age 3 you can petition private ins.
Mama, I had Food poisoning when i was pg, and now I wish I had gone sooner. They could possibly have tested for the bacteria to trace it. Some types of food borne illnesses can hurt unborn babies. PLEASE go in if this doesnt subside quickly.
Our ped has been very helpful in prescribing random or odd things we've needed. She happily wrote an rx for a SleepSafer for ds.
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