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Moon gave a great example of what you need to do.  I was thinking this morning that I wanted to tell you that the question you need to ask your insurance company is "do you have any certified nurse midwives who provide home births in network?"  If the answer is "no," which it will be, that is where the "network gap exception" comes into play, because it is a gap in their coverage.
I also got a network gap exception for my home birth last year through Humana. My advice would be to get pre-approval from them if possible and write everything down. We got the authorization beforehand, but they still have us a hard time afterwards. Ultimately they paid, but we had lots if arguments and letters.
Following . We are considering moving to that area, too--well, Dubuque, or maybe WI or IL in that area. I had a CNM attend my beautiful home birth in TX. I can't imagine going to a hospital, unless I had an emergency, of course. Although Dubuque does have wonderful CNMs at Finley hospital. If you're planning on being closer to the Twin Cities, you'd probably have some good options.
Hello! Does anyone know about CNM who would service the Dubuque Iowa area for a home birth? We are probably moving back to Dubuque area from Houston, TX. We had a home birth here with a CNM and loved it, and if we could do the same there is a consideration affecting the possible move. Also, is there a way to contact people directly on here? I saw a woman posted about home births in this area a few years ago, but the thread is closed and I'd love to ask her what she...
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