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Do any of you give your children supplements? If so, which kind do you like? My ds is 27 mo and is still breastfeeding. His diet is off and on so I sometimes worry that he's getting all of the nutrients that he needs in a given day. Should I worry? We try to get him to eat healthy, delicious foods and we are always looking for good ideas for food, but I still wonder if we should start him on some sort of suppliments. Thanks, Michelle
I love the songs!!!! And I'm going on Powell's too to get the book. Thanks you guys! Peace, Michelle
Wooohoooo!!!! Congratulations!!! I remember, too, before the boards changed that you were trying. What wonderful news!!! You are gonna be a FABULOUS mom!
Hey Asherah! I recently have started reposting here (gone for the summer - bouts of posting shyness and the like) and saw your thread. I can understand feeling afraid of such a strong reaction from someone. I wonder if you have the book "Pagan Parenting" by Kristin Madden. It is really wonderful and has specific information about protection, grounding and sheilding your child (and getting your child to learn to shield him/herself). Really wonderful information. She...
Hello everyone! I have a question that has been burning in my mind for about 6 months now - how hard is it to be an ap mom with young children and be an apprentice midwife? I have a 2yo and my dh and I will be ttc early next year. I was drawn to midwifery after my ds was 18mo and I needed to figure out why my homebirth ended up as a hospital birth with the epi and pit drip. So, I took Elizabeth Davis' "Heart and Hands" and found something very special that I had a...
Hi everyone! Anyone know of a good, ap-extended breastfeeding friendly dentist in the Bay Area? I'd really appreciate a reference. Thanks very much, Michelle
I have successfully treated a stubborn yeast infection with cutting out all sugars, breads and grains and by soaking a small sea sponge the shape of a tampon (that you sterize by boiling first) in acidopholus and insert. You then take it out every few hours, rinse it, resoak it and reinsert. You can also soak a tampon in the same way - but I would make sure the tampon was all natural cotton. Very effective. Make sure the acidopholus is the refridgerated liquid kind...
Originally posted by joyberryjoy What do you all think is the explanation for this high rate of reported problems? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ One of the explanations may be the manner in which the question was posed. You asked "did you have unexpected problems" - so the moms who answered were probably ones who did have unexpected problems. It's sort of a leading question, if you know what I mean. Peace, Michelle
Just wanted to let all of you wonderfully helpful moms know that Aunt Flo arrived (albeit a little on the late side) on the day that we were going out of town - wouldn't you know . I'm a little relieved that I'm not pregnant (yet) - I still have a lot of prep work to do before getting pregnant again - more folic acid, get in better shape, acupuncture and getting my digestive system more functioning! Thanks for all of your input! Peace, Michelle
Hey everybody! I don't post often, but I try to keep up as much as possible. (I'd love to post more, but by the time I've finished reading what I want to, ds is up from his nap!!! ) So, here's my situation: I am still nursing my 21 mo ds . I resumed my period at about his 13mo bday. My cycle has gotten shorter each month - last month, it was 25 days. Now I know that I'm ovulating at day 14 (because of the viscous discharge) so it's clear that the luteal phase...
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