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how is my period not due until May??? only cd 19 and it feels like forever. I can not imagine how those with long cycles manage the "tww"   mine are 27 days with 10 luteal days of anticipatory torture
welcome Lily, hope all goes well for you! 
just saying hi and that i have read up to here, but blanking on responses. welcome and is anyone testing soon?
Being blocked here...needlol...it's all in the details
Ha ha...looking for easter eggs here too
hello, i posted separately about looking for info on bringing spirituality to myself and my family. We live hours away from the nearest city so not a lot of resources. wondering if you could help me to get started :)
thanks for sharing the thb sticky vibes <3
love those dark lines!   i am on cd 11, one day behind you Rosie...super eggwhite today! going to throw all of the kids in bed and sneak out...bedsharing turns you into a teenager sneaking around ;)
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