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Being blocked here...needlol...it's all in the details
Ha ha...looking for easter eggs here too
hello, i posted separately about looking for info on bringing spirituality to myself and my family. We live hours away from the nearest city so not a lot of resources. wondering if you could help me to get started :)
thanks for sharing the thb sticky vibes <3
love those dark lines!   i am on cd 11, one day behind you Rosie...super eggwhite today! going to throw all of the kids in bed and sneak out...bedsharing turns you into a teenager sneaking around ;)
yoga went well. i discovered that i appear to be a lot stronger than i though i was but i am a bit sore today
it will get out of hand...lol. i just use cm now, but when you really want a baby over 40 and it is not happening, you pull out all the stops
I had my first of 3 at 37 :)I will be 45 this summer...geritoljk, I have always had a short luteal phase (10 days) so b100 complexvitex, ubiquinol, dhea, maca, camu, (last 2 are gross powders), D, multi, C, omega3, probiotic, and waiting for pqq to show up in the mail.
I am starting an Ashtanga yoga class tonight. I havent been to a class since 2001! I am doing well with the supps and feeling a bit of energy :)
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