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That's what I was looking for this time, but I"m allergic to carrots...and black carrot powder is in every gummy vitamin I've looked at.   So, horse pills it is!
  Niamh!  Love that name!    We have a "no sharing first initials" rule, and that includes my first initial, hubby's first initial, and our granddaughter's first initial.  So we can't use A, B, C, E, I, L, M, P, or W.    I love the name Duncan, but one of my teens says it makes her think "Doughnuts" and the other says it reminds her of someone like Crabbe or Goyle from the HP books. :(  So that one is out.   For a girl, I think I *have* the name picked...shhhh....Fyfe. ...
Hi, Fairymama.  I also homeschool my kids, and yes, it WILL be easier this time!  I had my last baby when my boys were 4 and 2, and my homeschoolers were pre-teens and teens.  That was interesting!  We were literally AT a swim meet before she was 24 hours old.  And then of course there were still diapers for the 2yo, and lots and lots of books, and no naps, and .... wow.  This is going to be cake!   I hope you're going to have a blast with the age spread!   love, penelope
Kellykins, no, she's a November baby. :)  If it helps, my former user name was Mamapenelope.   We're in the middle of a true Interior Alaska Autumn rain storm, and I keep baking to warm myself up (it's ridiculous to start the woodstove yet...but I'm tempted).  The kids are going to be too big for their snowsuits if I don't get out of the kitchen!   love, p  
I'm another one on Rainbow Light.  I also take a Potassium pill once a day, because I have a mild heart issue that is helped by extra potassium, and most vitamins have next to none.   I found RL to be the best vitamins to help prevent constipation.  Some folks I know used to take the little, 8per day Rainbow Light vites, but I can't even find them now in our health food section.    love, p  
Same here!  And, like Ethelpea, I was always hot before this.  Now I'm wearing socks (which I hate), and a robe over all my fleece.  Ridiculous.    We keep our house very cool, no heat on until it freezes at night (so it's about 61 in the house at times, never past 65), but I'm used to it.  It's crazy how all of a sudden I don't seem to be able to warm my fingers and toes.   I've started hand-washing all the dishes after every meal (instead of having a kid or my...
I so hear you!  My longest truly overdue baby was somewhere between 19 and 21 days "late."  She was 8 lbs, 0 oz, which is a big baby for me.  ALL of my babies have cooked longer than most peoples', until my last one, who was born on ... HER DUE DATE!  Very freaky.    My EDD is April 11, so we're just telling people, "Some time in April."    love, p
I've been telling anyone who stands still long enough to listen.    With the exception of my family and his family, who are thankfully mostly very, very far away.  Yeah, we're a repeat of the horrible family stories upthread.  And my DH knows there's no way I'll hold my tongue at the first sign of a sigh or a snide comment, so we just aren't telling any of them. ;)   love, p
I'm jealous of everyone's symptoms, even if they do include burping and morning sickness!  I have none, except the dreams and a little breast tenderness (but I've been working like a madwoman around the house for a week, so my whole body is creaking, and it can be hard to tell one pain/tenderness from the next).   On the twin thing:  I think I'd go unassisted in that case.  I just absolutely freak when I think of one of my babies in a hospital.  No way could I labor...
I got a little freaked when some folks were questioning age as a "risk factor" on the boards here...so I called our midwives' office today.  Spoke to the head midwife, who has attended 3 of my births, and she said, "OF COURSE IT'S NOT A RISK FACTOR, and I want to talk to whoever said that!"     So, I'm relieved!   love, p  
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