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^this!^^^I live in Alaska and see DEMs. They draw blood and send it to a lab, and they have working agreements with ultrasound clinics, although of course we are free to go to whichever radiologist we prefer.And, FWIW, I am severely asthmatic and I have no trouble being seen by our DEms. They don't even have me labelled as high risk this time, nd I will be 41 when this baby comes.The advice and information posted earlier regarding asthma and pregnancy is pure scare...
My copy of Asimov's Annotated Gilbert and Sullivan.If you could spend a holiday alone anywhere ink the world, where would you go?
Can you add me to the "waiting to be surprised" group?
(replying on this iPad is a pain...forgive me for not being able to scroll around and name everyone who has posted)! I am 21 weeks, 4 days, and stressing really badly that I am not nearly as round as I think I should be by now. There was a mom at our Fire Dept kids' Xmas party today who is due 12 days before me, and she has this nice big basketball belly...while I am still surprising the moms in the gym with the fact that I am pregnant again, much less that I am 21 weeks...
I have only ever swaddled one of my babies...and that was because he really liked it. To this day he is my 3-layer shirt guy, and he loves to be warm. He even wears hats to bed sometimes just because he likes the feeling. I guess they all got a kind of swaddling by being carried almost 100% of the time in a ring sling. Question: do you obsess more or less about the health of your baby now that you are at or near the 20-week mark?
Hats, yes! Same experience here (and we're in interior Alaska). I have a bunch of hats and socks other Mamas have crocheted and knitted for my babes, but I am more of a seamstress.I sewed diapers for EVERY one of my babies...and had to give them all in trade when my now-7yo was 1 because she was horribly allergic to anything cloth on her bum. That was a heartbreaker, but we didn't think we were going to have any more, and I got beautiful hand-knit socks and home-canned...
Finding secular blogs for large families is tough. I appreciate the effort that mamas of faith put into sharing their experiences with the rest of us...but a lot of it just does not compute. /atheist, secular (Asimovian) humanist expecting our 7th little heathen. Love, p
Ditto what 1babysmom said. I have also been haing them since very early on, very noticeably. I hope your mind is at least a little more at ease knowing so many of us also are experiencing the same thing.
Wow, camp runner, good on you for coming in third! And I giggle when people look startled at me for exercising while pregnant...they do know those toddlers don't lift themselves and groceries don't magically appear in the pantry, right? I loved the looks I got when pregnant with my youngest and still responding as a FF/EMT. Hilarious.
My younger three started skiing (cross-country) last week...and it is killing me that I can't go with them. I have a great set of xcountry skis of my own, but because of my asthma, and the fact that nothing i own zips up the front any more, I stay inside while they ski. (we have looked at maternity coats, but this is our last baby, and it is a big expense). The big issue is that I am already taking everything I can for asthma, and if I had a bad attack, and ended up...
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