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Hopefully by now you've seen someone and you have some answers. : I had awful heart burn with my first son, and I have a heart issue as well, so I totally understand the pain in your shoulders feeling. Just a quick note that, in my own situation, that sort of pain can come from serious anxiety and from forgetting to eat. If I'm pregnant and I miss meals or don't snack, I get horrible pains all through my upper chest.I hope you're in the middle of a relaxing nap right...
Hi, MaineCoastMama. Are you seeing an ob or a midwife? I would think only a quick talk and (if you want) a check of the hb. Some places do the urine sticks all the way through pregnancy, and others don't. Remember, it's your right and your duty to forego any tests or interventions you don't want or understand. I had bloodwork done at my first MW appt, which usually I opt out of...obviously I was a having major mommy brain, because i got the bill today...$700 for Rh,...
12 weeks 4 days here. Two real complaints: I am sooooo tired, and my face is breaking out like a teenager's. Ugh. Other than that, homeschool, swim team, swim lessons, dance and piano plus all the daily cooking and cleaning...whew. It's pretty chilly here now (we got snow over the weekend) and I'm loving sitting outside in the hot tub, reading in the warm water and cool air. My 8yo was born in that hot tub, in October of 2003. . We were debating about not even...
:It's a picture of a huge sheet-cake pan filled with freshly picked raspberries.Love, p
. Congratulatios! Such a sweet moment!
lol! I don't want to stop working out..so I'm just switching over to swimming with my other kids while my 11 yo is at swim team practice. That way I can see how my hip does without too much strain.My 17 yo is so funny...she's really excited that I have a pretty obvious bump now.If I don't find a way not to be hungry during all the hours from 10 pm to 3 am, I'm not going to have a bump so much as I'll just BE a bump!Love, p
I can't believe I've hit 12 weeks already. It is flying by, especially since this is undoubtedly our last baby. Two days ago I was lifting weights, riding a stationary bike and doing ball-to-floor pushups...and apparently my right hip *really* disliked something I did. I could hardly move yesterday...today was lots better until the afternoon, when apparently I had been standing and cooking too long. . I just don't have time to be limping around right now... It could...
. Congratulations! There is no sweeter sound.
It's so awesome to hear from you again! I can't be the only mama who told her hubby about your triple sundae!I'm rounding out a bit myself, but I *want* to round out! My breasts are super uncomfortable...I haven't nursed in almost 5.5 years, so I really didn't expect tis kind of tenderness and bloat in that area.Love, p
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