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I love hearing how everyone is doing. Bmcneal, I hope you find a vbac support group near you! I had a super, super quick ultrasound about 10 days ago, just to check for placement and that there was just the one baby. The due date I calculated was April 11, and the ultrasound came up with April 12. Not bad! I see a group of just a few (but wonderful!) DEMs, and had my first appt with them four days ago. I just love these women, and how they *listen* to everything I...
We have about 36F right now, down to about 34F at night. My carnations and hanging lobelia still look grat, as do my daughter's really large daisies. Other than that, are garden is kaput. The trees, however, are fabulous. Love, p
Ethelpea, what was his reasoning for monthly ultrasounds? That sounds insane. I hope you find a wAy to handle this guy without stressing too much. My threshold for interference is super low, and i stress out quickly if anyone starts to meddle too much, so i always refuse every test. So far, after talking to our DEMs, we're going to be on the same schedule as before. Just appts, homebirth, and a Rhogam shot after birth if this is another Rh+ baby. Love, p
I don't have morning sickness, but I do have severe asthma, which impacts what I can do. I used to lift weights daily, and am a former firefighter, but I started this pregnancy off overweight and out of shape. I renewed our family membership to the gym, so the kids and I swim, ride bikes and lift some weights about five days a week. So. Far I've lost about 28 lbs, which feels great. Like you, Robina, I get dizzy (and have experienced numb lips) from forgetting to eat,...
(oh, I'm 9 weeks, 3 days by lmp).
Everybody here has so many symptoms that I was getting worried. . I used a Doppler tonight and FOUND A HEARTBEAT! So dang exciting. My husband got to hear it, as well. I'm with the mamas who are feeling weepy. Tears all over, but not really sadness...more like the world is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt. Love, p
I hear you, Christine. Was it fun? Our fair has been over for a month and it feels very far away. We held it too early this year, and with the strange growing season, most of us didn't have the greatest veggies to offer up. We enjoy watching our friends' kids show their animals and seeing everybody's handwork and baked goods...and flowers! (I'm too greedy to put in my own veggies and flowers...it kills me to see all that produce just rot every year).Love, penelope
I'vebeen wearing maternity pants since the week I found out! . I live the comfort. I'm at 9 weeks 1 day, and finally have a symptom...exhaustion. Once I get to sleep I could sleep for literally 12 hours straight if I didn't have munchkins to care for. Tiffany, I'm so glad you found something that works for you with the nausea. My thoughts are with you and your family during this loss. Love, p
Hi, mama! Welcome to the Interior!First, where are you coming from, do you have a preference for health care providers for your pregnancy and birth, do you live in town or out, and do you have any other kids? All that helps us figure out how best to advise you.Heat: wood or fuel oil? Vehicle or public transit or normally a walker/bike rider?For good quality secondhand baby stuff, try Once Upon A Child. For secondhand maternity and nursing try Blueberry Baby (also go...
I tried to use a Doppler last night (I'm not quite nine weeks)...and of course couldn't hear anything but the ocean sound of the placenta. I think I'll stick to asking the midwives to only use the veto scope.
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