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Same here. Before this pregnancy, I was so overheated all the time that we really thought I was going through premenopausal. Now I'm just chilly all the time.
One of my daughters is named Willow, and one is named Ariadne. They both seem pretty happy with their names. ;-) Love, penelope
Congrats on the new baby!! .Taking all the kids to the fair is hugely expensive...I can see why it would be nice to go with just the baby. I hope you enjoyed your day out!Love, Penelope
How sad to see my name used by a kardashian...(I had no idea there was a baby Penelope in that group, but then until two weeks ago I thought a snooki was that wearable blanket thing. My teens will be laughing about that for a long time). Love, p
. I hear you, rik-e! Decluttering is a scary word right now in our house. .So far, I think all three of us replying are homeschooling this year!:joy. I really hope you all love it, georganne!We talked about doing pigs this year, but decided we wanted to be ale to camp as much as possible...with the net result that we didn't camp at all (unless you count the week I stayed up in the camper every night to finish reading all five of the Fablehaven books:shy). So we decided...
We struggled with our two boys' names...but when they were born, it was like their names came with them. :)  People have told me for years that both my boys' names just *fit* them.  So all that stress, just to be given a name out of the blue as soon as we saw the little guys!   With our last one, the youngest girl, we hemmed and hawed, but my husband really loved the name Iris, and he said it just fit her, so we went with that.  It's a pretty good fit, I think. ...
  Nope, like the pipe you play.  "Feyeff"
  I'm a Penelope~  and I *love* my name!  My siblings all got "normal" names, and I'm the only one with an "odd" name (well, it was odd when I was growing up).  I hated being called Penny, though.    I carried on the mythological tradition with two of my kids and we're looking for another myth name for this baby...but I still like Fyfe for a girl, a lot.    love, p
Are there any of us left here?  Hellloooooooo?  I know summer gets us all off our keyboards and out into the gardens (yay!), but it's freezing here right now and I miss you all!   We're gearing up for another year of homeschooling.  Paring down the house so we're not so cluttered.   We have a new grandbaby and we're expecting our own new baby in April!  So excited and hopeful...a winter pregnancy sounds fabulous.   Our gardening didn't go as well as we hoped...
Wow, Martha.  That's incredibly upsetting...from spreading the news "for" you to asking your mom how you conduct your private life with your husband.  GRRRRR.  People are stupid.    If it helps, I think your baby and your family are incredibly lucky to have a healthy, thinking, loving mother and father.    I walked into my husband's office building the other day and his boss said, "Congratulations!" right away...I didn't even know my husband was telling people...
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