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I have macclaren twin triumph. Reclines flat so ok for newborns I think. Fits through standard doorways and we paid $280.
Two kiddos. 31/2 and 21/2 yrs old. Sleep 11 hr at night plus 1:30 nap midday. Take daily probiotics. Completely unvaxed. Public day care 2x a week Try to eat organic. Limit sugar. And artificial color dyes. DD is a 29 week preemie who weighted 2 pounds at birth. Other than RSV at 14 months for which we only did oxygen support ( no breathing treatments or drugs ) she has not been sick. 3 1/2 yr old boy has had a couple of colds and 1 pink eye in 31/2 yrs.
I'd like to encourage you to find a therapist that fits with your family, no need to add to the confusion and frustration. No one knows your little one better than you. Apart from therapy also encourage you to look into the diet. You'd be surprised how artificial dyes alter children's behavior. I truly believe that children want to do well. I commend for trying to find what works. From my experience is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Good pick. Keep up The...
I had the constant shooting pains but never thrush. Also the over active let down. I'd pump about an ounce out of each breast before nursing each time to help baby get to the hind milk sooner and avoid the choking if the first let down. About 6 -8 weeks into it, when she and I both became better at nursing, things started to fall into place. I cut out dairy and it made a big difference in her mood and fussiness. Takes a week or two to completely leave your system.
What helped me more than studying the possible side effects was to learn about the disease itself ( each and every " preventable" disease). And also learning about the treatment for the disease for a vaccinated child and a non vaccinate child ( which is the same treatment). Once I felt comfortable with each disease and what course if treatment it would have, I felt much more at peace skipping vaccines. Wishing you wisdom, discernment, and peace in your findings.
I visited the website for Dr. Moore and she seems to be fully supportive if vaccines and to the beliefs that a non vaccinating parent may be putting their child at risk. Not really what I would consider vaccine friendly. Still looking for a vaccine friendly pediatrician
I'm so sorry this is happening to you after all you have tried. Would you consider going to the hospital where she gave birth? Without starting anything at all. Play dumb, bring flowers or a gift for the baby and go in as any other visitor. Heck the baby may be in the nursery and you may be able to at least see her. I hope your court date is soon. I wonder why she couldn't just be straight up and tell you what was on her mind after you had shown so much flexibility and...
Oh and for our boy we definitely opted out if routine infant circumcision and left him whole. Based on the fact of no medical benefit and instead the risks commonly associated with any surgery. Let alone the cruelty and pain factor and the deceased amount if sensitivity later in life.
We opted out of vitamin K based on the research we did, the possible link to leukemia, the fact that " all " babies are born with low levels of vitamin K, the risk of hemorrhage and the " proof" that vitamin k can prevent the brain hemorrhage ... Plus the high dose given etc all together we decided not to. PKU we denied the first one based on the high percentage of error. We did only the second one a few days later. I nurse while they did it, made sure they warned up the...
I have a preemie (11 weeks premature) I ended up cutting out the OT after 6 months. We just were not on the same page. She's 16 months now still BF. if OT wants sensory experiences related to food, put her in the high chair with some stuff right after nursing
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