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Ah you sound happy and content xx happy mummy will for sure have a positive effect xx Take each day as it comes. You are doing brilliant!
Books, loads of books and then some more. Get her to the library and see what she likes then get it from there xx If her passion are books then maybe she wants to read about them, visit a farm with horses, go to horse ridding lessons, learn what horses eat, how they care about their babies, how people among tears used horses. So many options and learning from only one subject
Thanks god she stopped lol. It was probably part of the 19 weeks developmental leap... Now she does cute huh huh noises lol that I much prefer them to that screaming!
Hey, we are raising a trilingual baby. Greek, Norwegian and English. We talk English to each other, I talk to her Greek but mostly English and she will learn norwegian at school. We got the approach of talking to her whatever feels right. I mostly talk English though is not my maternal language but I do say phrases in Greek language to her, also use Skype with my parents, Greek cartoons, the fisher price puppy like you do. I took the advice from a friend that specializes...
Sorry for that my autocorrect like to save instead of shave it looks like lol
Hmm. I have dark hair and very light colored skin. (I am from Greece) I save my legs once per week maybe during winter, every other day during summer time. I do my underarms every other day during winter and every day during summer because I sweat otherwise. Those are the common places that I save. Hair on the tummy sometimes shows a hormonal problem (that can settle or not during teenage years) and I wouldn't touch it, I would talk to the GP and ask about that as If its...
She is shouting and yelling all day regardless if she is happy or unhappy I am shattered! Please tell me its just a phase! I swear if we were living in an apartment they would have called the police by now lol. She is 20 weeks old.
Hugs for you. I am sure you got more upset than he did. I have the same car seat. I can barely carry her anymore as she is way to heavy now lol.
oh my God! Poor you and little one. I would have cried my eyes out for hours. Those things happen. Glad you are both ok. What kind of car seat do you have? I always keep the car seat in the house so its warm. I put her in there, strap her and then in the car carrying her in the car seat.
Up to date with everything here and also getting a couple more for my LO that are not on the obligatory scheme.
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