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For those of you that have visited, where did you stay and what did you like doing most? We are taking four kids age range 3 to 10. The last day of the trip we'd like to surprise a seven year old with a nice suite for her birthday. Any tips or ideas? Thanks!!
Thank you so much! It's nice to hear your ideas and thoughts. Devinsmommy, you are so right!! I consider my son to be a little man! He is very strong willed and demands respect. He has put dents in his door as well. I think the advice doctor's have given to me are for "normal" willed children. We'll definately get through it. I just want him to learn that physical aggression towards others is simply unacceptable. I love the drum idea! I just picture a drum stick being...
What are other parents doing when their kids throw aggressive tantrums? Biting others. Kicking others. Hitting others. Scratching others. It's unacceptable.   I have a three year old. He expresses his anger very well. I'm glad for that. He's on track. He's expressing it the only way he knows how. My concern is the reaction I give to him and what I do when he "acts out."   Now, let me explain these acts of aggression. All kids are different and I'm sure some...
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