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Thank you so much. It is so difficult having a baby... I am so happy he is ok, i would never have forgiven myself if he was hurt... 
I have a newborn maxicosi car seat... I will never do that again! Next time i will take the baby from the house in the car seat!!!! I was taking him from his dads house and needed to take the basket home so instead of taking the baby out of the basket i just took the baby in the basket! Never again! lesson definately learned! I feel sooooooo bad seriously! 
OMG i am so upset. I had my 4 week old baby in his mosses basket taking him from the house to the car and i tried putting the basket in the back of the car and the handle slipped and my newborn baby rolled out onto the pavement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had lots of blankets on so he didn't hurt himself thank god! I am soooo stupid i cant believe that just happened... :( I picked him up and cuddled him, checked him over and nothing has happened but i feel terrible! I...
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