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We have a local family that has 18...and they say they aren't finished yet, either. The dad is a dentist and I think they have an amazing family. The oldest is in college and I think the youngest is 2.
I think this would be very interesting to see done! Personally, I think it would rock!! I'm also tired of main stream society!
Thank you!! I'm in NC. Quote: Originally Posted by attachedmamaof3 This is absolutely not true. Find another doctor. (What state do you live in? Post it and I'll link you to the exemptions for your state. You can move forward with these exemptions and a little more knowledge so "people in power" won't be able to knock you around.)
We are no longer going to be vaxing our DS. It is a choice I should have made long ago and I regret not standing up for my rights sooner. At our last visit, the doctor told us that Medicaid will refuse to cover/pay for anything for a child that is not fully and up-to-date vax'd. Is this true? We could never afford to drop Medicaid due to DS's mulitude of special needs. Yet I can't see it being legal that Medicaid can discriminate like that. If anyone has...
No one has mentioned a sleep study...would you mind giving me some details on that? I will ask our PT & OT about it
DS will not sleep. He simply cannot calm himself enough to stay asleep. He may get to sleep only to start kicking his leg which turns into both legs, then the arms, etc. He is tired...so tired that he crawls around with his eyes closed, bumping into the walls, finally falling over on the floor. It's making me so sad that I cannot help him. He is miserable. We've tried a weighted blanket and TheraTogs. The Theratogs seemed to work the first couple of nights,...
Mine just returned for the first time two weeks ago at 10.5 months PP.
I had personal insurance with DS1 and Medicaid for DS2. I didn't notice a difference between the two. Though I overheard a nurse in my doctor's office talking about how that doctor actually got paid MORE by the state than by BC & BS! It was actually easier on me when I had Medicaid because I didn't have to go through NEARLY the red tape to have certain procedures as I did with private insurance. I was very thankful for Medicaid with DS #2 because I had a ton of...
I wish we could move...but we just moved from my parents' home three months ago. DH has a hard time finding work and we're thankful he HAS a job right now. I'm trying to work again, but I only can at nights and on weekends due to needing to be with DS during the day for therapies. I'm sooooo lonely!
thanks for your support and suggestions, mama! We have a three year window to file the claim. We really need to find a lawyer, I suppose...but we can't get one in town, of course. Our town is overrun with "small town politics." DH and I can't afford a lawyer, though... what can we do? We really can't even afford to go back and forth to another town to meet with one should we find one. I feel like we are completely STUCK and the apt. owners KNOW it. While they get to...
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