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She is beautiful and perfect. Well done!
Iris was born at 12:38 AM on October 8th. 9 lbs 4 oz, 22 inches.   My second child and the second birth that did not go at all how I imagined or planned! Nevertheless I have good feelings about this birth experience and could not be happier and more in love with my new little daughter.   At my appointment on Monday, my midwife was having a hard time figuring out the position of the baby... it seemed that her head, which was at station -2 the previous week, had floated...
I'm so glad he is on the mend! He's a beautiful baby and you've already gone through so much together. Bless you!
Good luck Ciga. My husband is going on a weeklong trip right when I turn 36 weeks, two states away and with no cellphone reception during the day... I'm keeping my mom and my doula on call! But dd wasn't born until 40 weeks so I'm not super worried. It sounds like you have a good idea of when you need to call him, and two hours away isn't so bad.
On cloth diapers- Last time around I made lots of Sbish-style one-sized fitted diapers out of bamboo double french terry. Loved them but they didn't wear super well, took lots of washings to get out the ammonia, and took a long time to line dry. So this time I'm going the cheap and easy route, using prefolds I already have and getting a couple dozen Diaper Rite flats. And the fitteds I already have too, until they wear out. I do have a nice big stash of wool covers...
Yeah, I'm feeling the pregnancy hate too. I've got all the constipation, etc. going on over here. No swollen ankles or feet yet, which is surprising because it's been really hot and humid, and with my first pregnancy I had hobbit feet and ankles for the last half. My feet grew a whole size!   Backing up to the previous conversation about nursing clothes/bras, here is a really easy sewing tutorial for the BOOB type nursing tops. I'm going to make a bunch I...
Serafina, Where are you finding BOOB tops for $10?? I would love to have a few of these. So far I bought a couple of Gap crossover T's in size small, and it seems like they'll fit ok. The design isn't nearly as good as the BOOB tops though.
Ciga, your belly is perfect! Most women I've talked to get comments about how big their belly is, especially from men who don't seem to pay much attention otherwise. And your belly is not abnormally big, be sure of that!
Serafina, I really like Isabel, especially the non-american way it is pronounced.   And I love Fern! This is a name we tossed around too. Very unique and simple.
I just finished a couple of projects, hooray! Two pairs of newborn-sized charcoal merino longies and eight hemp fleece pocket diapers to plump up my stash a little bit. This pattern fit dd from newborn through about a year old. Now I'm working on the baby quilt...
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