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We are also dealing with the school pushing ADHD stimulates right now. I have quite a few friends that have children w/ this also. The thing I have learned most is not to let the doctors dictate what you give your child. I have found some natural supplements that seem to help. Fish oil has done wonders for Lizzy, also at sprouts our local natural food store there is something for attention they are little white pills that are all natural and work wonders for some of my...
Good Morning! I wanted to start by telling a little about myself. My name is Sara, I am blessed w/ a husband of almost 10 years named Jeff and a beautiful daugther named Elizabeth that is 7. We are trying to extent our family and have ttc for almost 2 years now. I recently visited my OB, Dr. Potter, who is amazing. We are starting our first round of clomid after a pelvic exam. I am really nervous about the pelvic exam. I am not sure what the expect while on my period....
Hey gals! New here. just had day 21 test showed borderline. Waiting on my period to start and pelvic exam to chck ovaries and start first round of clomid. what type of pelvic exam is it, just like a normal routine yearly exam? Excited but nervous. here we go. ***baby dust***
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