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Hi here in the united states we only get 3 months maternity leave. I was in a government funded work program and they wouldn't let me take my leave until i had my baby it was miserable! I was in my last month of pregnancy working in temperatures of 90 degrees. I wish to stay home and care for my baby longer but there isn't enough money for that. As for child care my friend will be nice enough to watch mine until she has to go back to work when her leave is up. In my...
Thank you everyone for the advice i feel a lot better for listening to my baby rather than my cousin now.
Sometimes my 3 month old needs a 5 minute snack before bed after an exiting day even if she ate recently. My cousin thinks its a unhealthy habit and i should stop? Is she right?
i went through intense behavioral rehabilitation and put on special diets, i dont have any memory of it i only know what my mother tells me. i think i was just incredibally lucky enough to heal myself through god, and my parents and teachers determination. I have heard that ASD can be outgrown but haven't looked into it.
Wow great job standing up to those bullies! I know a few people that have had reactions. its unbelievable its considered rare!.My grandmother fell voilently ill after the flu shot, my mother's neighbors 6 month old died after the flu shot, i also became very sick after the flu shot and i have never been that sick in my life, i could not get out of bed, my sister had vaccine reactions as a child doctors stopped vaccinating her, and as a toddler during the vaccine boom of...
this is not always true for example in the case of foreign DNA when directly injected into the blood stream cells will undergo apotosis and kill themselves to reproduce altered DNA but when we consume DNA from our food the body does not leak them it has many complex processes of breaking down the foreign DNA( and RNA) to be converted and used as its own. same for food proteins they are converted, it is plausible that in certain individuals injected with foreign food...
Thanks that's a great idea better than calling that way more than one person will know. I hope they reconsider their policy or at least be a little nicer to the next mom!
It goes deeper than viewpoints. some parents know of or have had a child that had a reaction, the possible conflicts of interest, some of the diseases are mild and most are rare. what got me was the toxic ingredients formaldehyde, animal DNA, and the heavy metal that accumulate in your body, etc... also the FDA held meetings to consider using human tumor cells. Your right there are different ways to looking at it you could look at it as a good thing these ingredients boost...
... and this is what starts the zombie apocalypse -.- id be worried this cell would reproduce in my body and cause some new type of cancerous tumors. Wonder what they'll put in them tomorrow, idk what they haven't thought of using. I should say what WONT they put in them next.
I thought i was the only one interested in researching this im a newbie to the topic i didn't start researching til i read one of dr ozs parenting books 3 months ago before my LO was born there was a sec of vaccinations and it said 10% of parents dont i never heard of anyone not vaxing so i started researching why and open a whole can of worms! So far i have a binder of print offs, web pages saved, and alt. Medical books.
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