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Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl More later, I'm actually in labor tonight. Hopin' your birth is going well or you are holding a baby in your arms Of course, you better get right back here and talk some Heroes with us when you can I'm glad they ran into Sylar. He seemed to feel a kinship as Gabriel with them in that they both have powers that kill....and that ticking when he began to think about getting rid of the non-special...
Quote: Originally Posted by fishface I am DYING -- I grew up on SNL and my parents watched it from the beginning. I did NOT realize how many catchphrases in my dad's stash that have worked their ways into our daily speech came from SNL!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZhsW1pZ4Ns Lunch Lady Land! Love this!! ~Sloppy Joe, Sloppy Sloppy Joe Chippendales was classic! I love Down By the River, and Chris Farley and Adam Sandler as the couple doing the Zagat's guide! Also have always loved Red Hooded Sweatshirt by Adam Sandler
Quote: Originally Posted by chasmyn 2) Sylar killing Candace/Michelle was too easy. She was on the phone with someone before he woke up, so she is clearly not acting alone. I assume it was the company as she's shown no disloyalty to them before this, although why they would have him in a shack instead of a high tech medical facility is beyond me. Ergo, they would KNOW his MO, which is getting their brains. So why would they leave his crazy ass alone with...
And one more question If HRG was in that last picture, doesn't that mean that he is one of the originals?? Or at least of the same importance as Mr Nakamura and Mrs Petrelli?????
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleLlama She heard a man's voice though. I think she said "He's the nightmare man" in the preview. Yeah, thats what I heard too. Quote: I have to say, I was a little disappointed with this episode. It just didn't pull me in like the other ones. Anyone else feel that way or am I just crazy?? It was definately a bit of a tame episode. They have those every once in a while, all...
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen You don't need to use either. I make applesauce without any sweetener. Yeah, I know, I just had some pretty sour apples due to the kinds we have (we are new to the property). I ended up adjusting the kinds I was using instead of using a sweetner. We do have 1 tree that has some very sweet red apples, so that was what I used the most of in the next 2 batches I've made, and ended up not needing the sugar.
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleLlama Mama Petrelli may be saying that Nathan "lost his life" of being president and high power and all. Yeah, that has to be it, because in last wks episode, he rescued her from jail, so he has to be alive to everyone else too....thats not to say maybe she didn't bring him back...but I think really it means his "lifestyle" and political positions, cause he is kinda working the hermit angle right...
oh wow! thats another really great point! I didn't make that connection at all, and that turns around the whole "evil" thing too!
Good point! The one thing is though is that healing just that one woman seemed to take a lot out of him. He was able to get up and start getting away, but he did look weak. It really is an interesting twist to the whole story line.
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