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Hi! It's been a while! Baby (probably) Boy is scheduled to arrive December 12! If I don't go into labour before 39 weeks. I am so looking forward ro having this baby in arms!! 5 weeks to go! I had fun getting our cloth diaper stash purchased and organized. As of a few days ago everything on the "to get" list is here. So now, I wait patiently for birth-day
I am trying to catch up with this group but it's hard. Not only do we not have the net but I am exhausted. When I do have access to the net I almost don't even care! 24 weeks + 1 here, feeling very tired and over all 'blah'! I am no fun. I am counting down to meeting this baby and resuming sanity
I had a Boba.  I found the body too narrow.  I sold it almost right away because my son wouldn't keep his feet in the little foot holsters, so his knees would sag.
I finally got my u/s results! (10 days later). All is well Tomorrow we move into our apartment! I am not sure when we'll get the internet hooked up. Honestly, I haven't missed having the net much. In fact, I am kind of looking forward to being net free for a bit again. I'll check in when I can Happy August!!
I don't think I have posted in this thread yet!  I LOVE baby wearing.  Baby wearing is part of the reason I wanted to have one more baby, lol!  With DS1 & 2, I mostly just wore them outside of the house, I made my own carriers, even taught other young moms how to wear their babies on the cheap!  When DS1 turned one, we got an Ergo, and that quickly became my favourite.  DS2 was worn in a DIY wrap until he was big enough for the ergo.  When DS3 was born, I started wearing...
Lilac, I would suggestion a swing!  Only one of my babies didn't like their swing. I am big on baby wearing, but it sure is nice to have a place to put the baby when Mama needs some alone time!    Here is my wish list.  This is for baby number 4. http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/DN4P6H80EE9   Yep, it's mostly baby carriers and cloth diapers.  Everything else I have been slowly collecting from thrift stores.    Babies grow so fast!  I can't bring myself...
We did move to Quebec! Yay! It's something we've flirted with for 10 years. It's really exciting that we finally did it!
I thought it would be fun to share our baby registries! We can post our links or discuss what to put on a registry. Have fun
We've just moved as well! Actually, get our place on the first! We've been staying with my sister in law and her family since last Thursday. We move alot, we get bored...this is the third time I've moved while pregnant, this time to a new province! It's been the smoothest move so far! Or maybe after living in a tent for 5 months, 1.5 months of that deep in the bush totally off grid, I just have a new perspective
17 weeks! 19+4, whoa belly!! Baby Boy #4
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