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My friend just started her own company and I have hosted it a few times at my house. She tells me she LOVES IT. From what I understand she didn't want to do the pyramid scheme thing because she had already owned her own business prior to that and knowing what she did, figured she would just do it on her own so she wouldn't have anyone to answer to. I love her company. I have used Passion Parties before and the one thing that I love over their stuff is that my friend has...
I understand that if it an emergency there would be a reason but other than that I don't see why there would be a reason to allow it. Just seems gross to me. Granted I only have a girl, but I think that even if I had a boy I would still tell him to use the bathroom. Just not my thing I guess.
Hi everyone! I'm a SAHM with an 8 year old. She's super independent so I don't need to do much. I mostly just make sure the house is clean, food is on the table, and there is clean underwear in the drawers. My hubby works his own hours so we get a lot of family time together. I'm lovin life. We have been talking about another kid but not sure it is right timing yet. We will see! Not sure we want to start all over again. I am pretty happy with the independence I have...
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