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I haven't posted here in quite awhile, but I'm still here. :)  38 weeks and no signs of labor.  I'm so ready to have this baby.  I had a ton of contractions at 35 weeks and thought that maybe this baby would be different and come early (other 2 were late).  But it's not looking like it.  Oh well. 
So yesterday I peeled and cubed a bunch of potatoes for a recipe, but dh didn't end up coming home in time for dinner so I didn't make it.  By the time I was going to put them away they had brown/black all over them.  I remembered that I had read somewhere that you could cover cut potatoes in water and put them in the fridge to keep them fresh, so I did that.  Today they still look brown/black even after having sat in water in the fridge.  Are they still safe to cook and...
Yes, I think so.  Junk food like slushies is pretty common for "mainstream" people and you didn't give the family member any instructions as to what to feed/not feed her.  It really isn't their fault that she got sick, but I do understand you being upset and scared about it.  I would have been too.  
I never came back to thank everyone for the suggestions.  I appreciate it.  I just bought the cookbook Fresh From the Vegan Slow Cooker and I'm going to start putting stuff in the crockpot early in the morning so that it's ready for dinnertime.  I get up early anyway because I don't sleep that well anymore, so this should make my life much easier.  Thanks again!  
If you all are that hungry even after eating large meals, you may just need more fat in your diet.  It sounds like you already have some pretty good ideas for meals.  I would try cooking with a little more fat and see if that helps.  
I have been really good about eating vegan since the morning sickness ended and I would like to keep it that way. But I am SO exhausted and by the time I'm done running kids around all day I am too tired to cook. I am spending a shameful amount of money on chipotle burritos and other vegan takeout which is bad because we are saving to buy a house. If anyone has vegan meal ideas that are quick and easy to make when you are desperately tired I would really appreciate it. ...
LOL, I'm doing the same thing with my ds's clothes to find neutral stuff for this girl.  Congrats on your boys!
Had my scan and it's a girl! I'm just happy that everything looked good.
  I haven't, but I will look into it.  Thanks!
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