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Awesome! So all I need to do is buy a wireless router? I thought it was gonna cost me all this extra money per month.
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom Not true wireless? We have cable DSL through charter for $23.99 after tax. And we bought a wireless router for $60. I personally could live w/o internet, but we need it for online college and for my eBay work. I can stop posting anytime, I swear I'm not addicted! So how does that work? If you buy a wireless router do you not have to upgrade your service? Does it work with the service you already...
Well, I have cable internet now and it's $49.99 per month. I'm getting a laptop for Christmas and I'd like to get wireless for it and was wondering how much extra it would cost me.
And who is your service with? Just wondering.
You're not the worst mother of the year. Like the pp said, you didn't intend to leave her alone. And you listened through the door to make sure she was okay before you went to put your stuff in the car. I understand why you're upset though. Hugs to both of you.
I've always heard keen-wa.
I change him every hour or so and every time he poops. I don't wake him up to change him at night.
Give it time. My dh said the same thing, and for the same reasons after our dd was born. He didn't want her to be an only child though, and after about 7 months he decided that he would like to have another eventually. My pregnancy with ds was so horrific that I decided that there would be no more and dh agreed. Now he's almost a year old and we're both open to having another one in a few years. Your baby is still very young. Give it awhile and see how you both feel...
I think that waiting until the holidays are over would be nice. Giving him a part time job could backfire, though it's a really nice gesture. I think it's great that you're so caring about your employees.
70 I can't stand being cold.
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