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I know you say that you are uncomfortable with unschooling, but what about very relaxed schooling?  That's what I do.  Unschooling really appeals to me, but in the real world I'm just not comfortable with not teaching the basics like reading, writing and basic math.  My dd does not like to sit and learn for long periods of time, so what I do is a mixture of homeschooling and unschooling.   We do a short period of structured learning, which might be reading or grammar,...
Personally, there is no way I would travel with a baby that small.  I wouldn't even be recovered from childbirth yet.  If you feel great, go for it.  But I wouldn't set anything in stone.  
That's great that you'll have help!  And I'm glad you've been feeling a little better.  I have had a good week.  A few days with no nausea at all.  Yesterday was terrible though.  Was nauseous all day and didn't sleep last night because I was so sick.  But feeling better today.  I'm finally feeling happy to be pregnant!   How is everyone else feeling?
Well, I'm pretty darn nauseous tonight.  But at least I had a couple good days.  
I never even thought about JCPenney!  I'll have to look.  
Crafty, did you find all the Motherhood stuff to be bad quality?  That's good to know because I found some stuff there I like but it is SO expensive.  I do like the Target stuff, but they have a very limited selection here.  Maybe I'll drive a few miles to another Target store to see what I can find.   
Hmm.  Actually I'm due Aug. 9th.  I wonder if there is a mistake in the roll call thread.  My mom is excited though because her birthday is on the 10th and she wants the baby to be born on her birthday. :)  
So, my shirts are getting too small.  Last two pregnancies I bought my stuff at Old Navy, but their selection is really bad right now.  Where do you ladies shop for maternity clothes (and not spend a fortune)?
Thanks for asking!  Actually, I woke up feeling really good and promptly started panicking that something was wrong, especially because I was scheduled for an ultrasound today.  I was thinking for sure that something had happened.  But I went and everything looked great.  I told the tech before we started that I was nervous because my nausea abruptly stopped this morning.  After a few minutes, she said to happy I was feeling better because everything was fine.  I am 11...
I'll need pretty much everything.  My youngest is 5 and we gave everything away.
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