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So sorry. :(
Expecting #3 around Aug. 9th.  I'm 32.
I feel more like I did with dd than with ds, so I'm guessing girl.
Thanks for asking about me! I'm still sick. Finally saw the midwife and she prescribed zofran. Took it for 2 days and felt WONDERFUL. Very little nausea. BUT I had heart palpitations and then read that it can have heart side effects for some. So I'm not taking it and back to being nauseous. I'm 11 weeks today and hoping I'm almost in the clear. I hope everyone else feels better soon too.
I've noticed that coconut water helps me some too.  Also, smart water is good.  Anything with electrolytes makes me feel a little better than usual.  
Thanks for the pep talk!  I really try to stay positive, but it's so hard.  I think if I had a little more support it would be better, but my dh isn't supportive at all.  He works all the time and he's just annoyed that I'm sick.  I'm 10 weeks, and I'm hoping that I only have a couple weeks left of this.  Please, let it be better at 12 weeks!
I'm new to the DDC, but i just wanted to give you some support and let you know that your feelings mimic mine, exactly.  I also have 2 kids that I'm homeschooling and I am SO SO sick.  I feel like I'm dying and it is so unfair to my family.  I thought very seriously today about not wanting to continue with the pregnancy, (and if you knew me you would know just how desperate I am to be feeling this way).  It is so so hard.  I'm sorry you're going through it too, and I'm...
Hi all.  I haven't posted on Mothering in years, but I'm pregnant again, so here I am!  I'll be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old.  I look forward to getting to know all of you!
Could you please tell me how you make your lentils with red wine?  That sounds soooo good!
It depends on the shape of your baby. But for us, Pampers worked better for both dd and ds.
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